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Over several years and many projects, we have built up a deep knowledge base in the pricing and revenue management arena. As the proliferation of data has expanded to our client's competitors and savvy procurement organizations, many Management Logic clients have become keenly aware of the need for enhanced price guidance and tools that enable their organizations to outperform their competitors.


We provide value by: I) working with clients to incorporate pricing performance and optimization tools and II) Creating discrete pricing programs that offset the cost of the engagement (usually covering the cost of the project several times over). 

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Pricing is an extremely sensitive lever. The right adjustments can deliver substantial revenue and profitability improvements. The wrong adjustments can make products and services noncompetitive. Price strategy decisions must be made by people with the right information, experience, and knowledge to get it right.


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Issues and opportunities cannot be dealt with if they cannot be seen. Analytics are the source of good decision making and represent the cornerstone of what we do.


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Decision making does not happen in a silo. Changes in pricing and strategy can often have a major impact on how organizations sell, and how they behave. Our projects plan for this, supporting clients with the training, processes, and guidance needed to get the most out of the strategy or technology being introduced into the organization. 



Tools and technologies are only useful if organizations actually use them. But, that only happens if those technologies support the broader goals of the organization, and their strategy. We help to ensure any price management tools align to the needs of our clients. 


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