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Pricing and Profit Improvement

A large medical equipment company had little visibility and control over their pricing, deferring mostly to their Sales team's judgement to find "the right price". We worked to develop a pricing program that would identify areas of pricing pressure and address the root cause(s) within different regions. Rolled the pricing program out to various regions around the world. Due to the program, pricing centers across the organization became viewed as profit centers as opposed to constraints on the sales organization. 

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Core Product Repricing and Fee Introduction

An information services organization was providing excessive, and often unnecessary discounts and give-aways. Working with Management Logic, they updated their add-on fees to better align with the value those features delivered to customers. The resulting product structure allowed sales to capture both price prioritizing customers as well as those that valued other features in addition to their core products. The program resulted in increased revenue, reduced concessions and give-aways, and dramatically increased profitability.  

Image by Martin Adams
Price and Concession Tracking

A manufacturing client was losing several million each year from unnecessary discounts and product give-aways. Created a discount and concession tracking program to track price performance and sales efficiency. Led a team of four in the national implementation of the subsequent improvement program. The resulting reduction in lost product and increased sales performance led to an increase of over $12mm to the bottom line.

Price Optimization Software Implementation 

A healthcare services organization needed an advanced system to control, manage, and optimize their pricing. We helped them identify and implement a pricing optimization system that made the most sense financially and strategically. The resulting implementation enabled the organization to reduce regulatory risk and intelligently price based on both market price and value. Additionally, created a concessions program that paid for both the project and the systems installation several times over. 

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